“I enjoyed reading YOUR LEADERSHIP MAP.  The book provides great advice for leading and empowering teams.  I am already looking at ways to implement the concepts from this book to make my company the best it can be.  I recommend this book to anyone in a leadership position.”
Skip Rogers
Founder and Executive Director
Able Forces

YOUR LEADERSHIP MAP is a great resource for leaders at all levels.  The Leadership Map (LM) and azimuth check assessment approach to continual improvement can be used for individual leader development and team building.  Good leaders and managers always feel like there is not enough time to get everything done – this book really helps keep things perspective.  I keep a copy right on my desk.” 
Gina Gallagher
President, Pathfinders International, LLC

YOUR LEADERSHIP MAP provides insightful guidance and advice for leaders at every level in an organization. Mr. Zimmerman understands the importance of striking an effective balance between the technical aspects of management and the art of leadership. In today’s tumultuous business environment, it is all too easy to focus on one area at the expense of the other. The leadership Map (LM) concept provides a proven methodical approach for taking care of your people and achieving the desired business results.”
Dave Whitaker
Director – Operations
Kellogg Brown & Root Services, Inc.

“Ed’s various experiences have shaped his leadership style and the book provides the reader opportunities to leverage this expertise.  It is a roadmap for success and we are excited for him to share his insight with our students. We will utilize YOUR LEADERSHIP MAP with our students as a valuable resource tool.”
Laura Turk
Executive Director
University Advancement, Radford University