My vast experience and education in organizational leadership has led me to author a book called Your Leadership Map.   I am equipped with over 25 years of unique experience in organizational leadership, information systems management, and logistics management. My experience in leadership ranges from coaching youth sports to leading diverse organizations at all levels of the DoD, to include serving as a key leader in the White House Communications Agency.

Your Leadership Map is a book that I wrote to try to help people learn how to manage their companies and to truly be good leaders.  I map out certain tactics and techniques that, if properly administered, will lead to you being a stronger, more confident leader.

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Ed Zimmerman

I appreciate the opportunity to share with you why my new book,  YOUR LEADERSHIP MAP, may be just the tool you need to help build a new organization, guide one towards greater efficiency, or turn around one that’s veered off-course. 

In the range of roles I’ve filled during decades of organizational leadership in personal and professional ventures, I’ve learned that every group – from children’s sports teams to elite military units – needs skilled leadership that will maximize its members’ potential while advancing its mission to meet its goals.  I’ve also found that such leadership can be achieved by implementing fundamental concepts and proven strategies that are often overlooked.

With this perspective, founded in my 25 years of experience in organizational leadership, information systems management, and logistics management, I’ve captured those fundamental elements in my book YOUR LEADERSHP MAP.  I wrote this leadership guide to help readers understand and leverage the interdependencies among their organizations’ people, processes, and technologies, to become stronger leaders, and to achieve their goals.  I encourage you to read the book, adapt its concepts to your specific organizational environment, and evolve as a strong leader on your life’s journey of continual improvement.